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Watermelon Ice TugBoat Disposable kit

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Watermelon Ice
A seamless assortment of exotic fruits including watermelon ice. This amazing jawbreaker will touch your jaws and heart on every vape you take. It’s a perfect blend of sourness of blueberry, the tingling of watermelon, the crunchy juiciness of it and the sweetness of watermelon ice.

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Product information:
Watermelon Ice TugBoat Disposable kit

Watermelon Ice TugBoat Disposable kit – Tugboat Disposable Vape pen Device 270mAh Battery Disposable Pod Device Vpen E-cigarette Kit with 1.2ml pod Capacity.

3 TUGBOAT / Pack
5.0% Nicotine
Approximate 20 Cigarette / Pack
300 PUFFS Approximately.

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