Vaporesso PodStick is a brand new vape pen kit that features a refillable disposable pod and a single button interface. With the simplistic and compact nature of this this Vape Pen, it proves to be an amazing set-up for those looking into getting started. Aesthetically, the PodStick sports a minimalist yet visually striking design; with metallic black accents located above the 2ml tank, this device is sure to impress.

The PodStick features a generous 900mAh integrated battery and a simplistic OMNI Board Mini which features three power adjustments. With a LED light bar users can easily receive a battery readout with 100% having 5 lights illuminated, 80% with 4 lights, 60% with 3 lights, 40% with 2 lights and 20% with one light. Working this device is as simple as placing a pod in and enjoying a nice smooth vape. This device can be fired with a single fire button and power output can be changed with three clicks. An LED light indicator located within the firing button shows the user a visual reading on the power setting. Charging this device only requires a Micro-USB cable to be plugged in. For added user safety measurements, this device is equipped with: Overtime Vaping Protection, Open Circuit Detection, Short Circuit Protection, Low Battery Power Indication, and Charging Overtime Protection.

Included within the packaging of the PodStick Starter Kit is the PodStick Replacement Pods, measuring in at 2mm by 17mm with a 2ml E-Juicecapacity pod and features either a 0.6 ohm atomizer resistance or a 1.3 ohm atomizer resistance. This refillable pod has a single plug that slides open revealing the juice fill port located at the top of the pod itself. This fill port measures 4mm in diameter. The upper portion of the pod also features a integrated black drip tip which delivers the perfect amount of flavor. Internally the PodStick features a Mesh coil for optimum flavor and cloud production but is available in a CCELL variation of MTL users. Whether the intended user is new to vaping or has history with multiple devices under their belt, this device will be the “go to” for anyone looking for a simple set-up.

Product Specifications
OMNI Board Mini
900mAh Integrated Battery
Wattage Output
CCELL: 9 to 12.5W
Mesh: 17 to 22W
Micro-USB Charge Port
1A Charging
Integrated Protections
Overtime Vaping Protection, Open Circuit Detection, Short Circuit Protection, Low Battery Power Indication, Charging Overtime Protection.
LED Light Indicator
Located Within Fire Button
LED Light Bar
Battery Power
Five LED’s
100% Battery
Four LED’s
80% Battery
Three LED’s
60% Battery
Two LED’s
40% Battery
20% Battery
PodStick Replacement Pod
0.6 ohm Meshed Pod
0.6 ohm Resistance
Single Mesh Coil
Slide to Fill Top Fill
17 to 22W
1.3 ohm CCELL Pod
1.3 ohm Resistance
Single CCELL Coil
Slide to Fill Top Fill
9 to 12.5W
Compact Stick Design
Aluminum Construction
111mm by 22mm by 18mm
E-Liquid View Port
Product Includes
One PodStick Device
One 0.6 ohm Pod
One 1.3 ohm Pod
One E-Juice Bottle
One User Manual
One Micro USB Charging Cable
Check out the Vaporesso PodStick infographic to help you better understand how it works!

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