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Myle v4 device Aquo Teal-Dubai/abu Dhabi;

MYLÉ have updated their popular device with a whole new design to their device line-up. These devices provide smooth pulls that are much more satisfying than traditional cigarettes.

This smooth-as-silk nicotine delivery system lets you enjoy a velvety, effortless pull that is much cleaner and more satisfying than cigarettes. Firstly, the ergonomically designed device uses leak-proof technology to make switching pods simple and clean with no mess or fuss. Fill and replace pods with any flavour you desire, and recharge with the micro USB cable included. Each pod is 5% or 50MG nicotine by volume and allows you to experience about 240 puffs.

Introducing Version 4 of the Nicotine Delivery System designed to satisfy your nicotine cravings by vaping desired doses. The MYLE V4 Basic Kits magnetic device is built using the latest and most advanced technology to date, featuring a sleek and button-less design to match, with extended battery life and leak-proof technology. Hence you can easily replace or insert pods without any mess.

MYLE V4 offers a wide and diverse range of refreshing flavours, including a mix of ingredients that you’ve never tasted before! The MYLE V4 nicotine delivery system is designed to be durable and long-lasting, with all flavours developed using the finest ingredients.

Myle v4 device Aquo Teal-Dubai/abu Dhabi DEVICE FEATURES:

Color: Aqua Teal
Extended battery life
Anti-leak technology
Size (in.) w/pod: 3.93 H x 0.74 W x 0.28 D
Version 4 Device
Version 4 Devices compatible with Version 4 Pods & version 1 pods.
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