Iced Pineapple Ziip Juul Compatible Pods

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Product Information:
Contains 5% Nicotine
1 Ziip Iced Pineapple Pod contains 1 gram of e-juice.
Each Ziip Iced Pineapple Pack contains 4 Iced Pineapple Pods for the Original Juul Device.
1 Ziip Iced Pineapple Pod is equivalent to 1 cigarette pack.
Salt-Based Pods made in the USA
100% Juul Compatible!



We invite you on an escapade to empirical wonderland with the Ziip Iced Pineapple Pods. What is so great about these products is that they feature the exquisite taste of the tropical fruit itself in all of the best ways possible. First of all, you’ll get to experience the mountain fresh tantalization of each eliquid, followed by a fruity burst that ensconces the senses from top to bottom. Ziip pods here contain 1ml of e liquid in each, made with nicotine salts that are synthesized with perfection to tee in order to properly quench your cravings accordingly. This listing contains an exclusive strength of 5% salt nic; therefore, you can need not worry about improperly satiating your palate’s cravings. Each pod is perfectly crafted to fit a Juul.

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