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Cream team 100ml e liquid in dubai;

Buttercream by Cream Team E-Juice (Jam Monster) is a thick and creamy buttercream that leaves you wanting more.

Read all the warnings and safety precautions in the ‘Warning’ tab found on this product page prior to purchasing and/or using this product.Cream Team Buttercream E-Liquid is a rich and delicious Vanilla Ice Cream blended with Buttercream for a smooth and decadent vaping experience. You’ll think of your favorite soft serve Ice Cream frozen into a cake and covered thick Buttercream Icing while inhaling this sumptuous e-juice with an ultra creamy finish. Cream Team is America’s Favorite Ice Cream vape for a reason. Buttercream is lovingly crafted using only the finest ingredients and one of the top selling flavors in the Cream Team Line of gourmet premium e-juices by King’s Crest. Get your hands on a 100ml Bottle of Buttercream today.

Treat your vape taste buds to a unique eliquid flavor that will have you puffing on sweet plumes of dessert for days! Cream team 100ml e liquid delicious frosting flavor makes all of your sweet cream dreams come true, in a flavor that features the sweet and smooth decadence of a buttercream frosting blended with thick and creamy vanilla ice cream. Fresh cane sugar, tons of sweet cream, soft butter, and beaten eggs are churned together to feature a rich and fluffy buttercream that beats the cake into submission of its frothy frosting! Slather this rich and creamy frosting over a bowl of triple churned vanilla ice cream, and you may have very well discovered your new favorite ice cream topping!

Are you drooling yet? Soft and sweet clouds drift from your tank in delicate puffs, their soft tendrils of vapor singing their praises about your wise decision to purchase such an elegant flavor. You can almost feel the frosting on your tongue, and if you close your eyes, you can nearly envision yourself inside an ice cream shoppe with spoonfuls of sweet ice cream topped with buttercream frosting melting in your mouth. Enjoy a decadent dessert with a creamy twist, as you shovel in spoonfuls of ice cream slathered with a smooth buttercream frosting in every cloud!


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